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Relaxation Massage


30 Minute Relaxation

$70 – 60 minute Relaxation

Relaxation Focused

Refreshed Feeling

Light Touch

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Therapeutic Massage


30 Minute Therapy

$85 – 60 Minute Therapy

Repair Focused

Recovery Driven Massage

Deep Tissue
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Hot Stone Massage


30 Minute Relaxation

$90 – 60 minute Relaxation

Relaxation Focused

Deep Relief

Hot Stone Assisted Massage

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If it’s time to give your face the glow it once had – this is your experience!


Body Treatments

Leave with your skin feeling refreshed, and rejuvenated today with our exclusive body treatments!

Body Treatments

Eyelash and Microblading

Bring life back into your eyes with our exclusive eyelash extensions, shading, and microblading!

Eyelash and Microblading

Sugaring and Waxing

Experiencing the most effective hair removal treatments available on the market today with our Sugaring and waxing Services!

Sugaring & Waxing

Manicure | Pedicure

Treat your nails with our exclusive Manicure & Pedicure options leaving your nails in their best health!

Manicure | Pedicure

Massage Chair & Sauna

Take a day off with our Massage chair and Sauna options that will leave you feeling refreshed!

Massage Chair & Sauna

Relaxation Redefined | Medicine Hat’s Premier Spa

Our Vision | Your Experience


Jenny Crawford’s goal when starting Pamper my Senses was to live up to the standards of what her motto was “Relaxation Redefined”. She ultimately sought to have her clients begin the relaxation process from the minute they walked into the Spa. The focus on your relaxation, pleasure, experience, and expectation of Relaxation, Care, and Joy are all you experience when you come in.

Your Most Commonly Asked Questions about

Massage in Medicine Hat

Which massage is best?

The answer is – it depends! Here are our recommendations!

Swedish Massage – if you’re looking for something relaxing that is going to help you feel refreshed; then this is it!

Deep Tissue Massage – Deep Tissue Massage is designed to help you repair damaged muscle tissue and fiber. It’s often used to correct muscular imbalances within your body!

Hot Stone Massage – Hot stone is a system designed to help you feel relaxed with the healing properties of hot stones so your muscles unwind and allow you to relax!

Aromatherapy Massage – Aromatherapy Massage is designed to light up your olfactory senses and bring you an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and mentally prepared to take on the day!

Why is massage important?

Of course, Massage is focused on one thing and one thing only. Your emotional and physical well-being! If you want a moment of relaxation, muscular relief, tension relief, or simply want to improve your physical well being – massage has been helping do exactly that -for thousands of years!

Can massage help with back pain?

Massage, especially deep tissue Massage is designed to help with exactly that! It’s not just good for back pain, it’s designed to relieve muscular tension throughout the entire body so you leave feeling your absolute best!

Will massage help gout?

Our lymphatic drainage treatments are designed specifically to remove toxins from the body! Toxin build-up is what assists gout forming in the body, having a massage experience that is designed to relieve that is exactly what we do!